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The Best Watch Winder Safe: What It Is and Why You Should Have One


If you have an automatic watch, you definitely need the best watch winder safe. If you think this is the right time to invest in a watch winder, make sure you know everything about it first.

What’s a Watch Winder?

So, the first question is, what is a watch winder? To put it simply, a watch winder is a device that keeps an automatic watch running even though it is not worn. An automatic mechanical watch will stop working at one point when it is not used. As a result, when you want to use it again, you have to manually adjust the date and time. Putting your watch inside this device ensures that the timepiece always shows the correct time when you are ready to wear it again.

Do You Need It?

Now we move to the next problem. Do we need to buy a watch winder safe? Well, even though your watch can survive without it, there is no harm in having the best watch winder safe in your possession.

Leaving your watch in a winder will ensure that the mechanism keeps working as it should. A watch is a machine and leaving it idle can do more harm than good for the mechanism. Even though adjusting a mechanical watch is not a difficult thing, it is still a hassle that you can easily avoid if you have a winder.

Besides, a watch winder safe box is a good place to display your collection. It comes in a variety of luxurious design that makes your watch collection ten times more exquisite. A device that can showcase your timepiece collection and keeps it working at the same time, well, that’s definitely a great bargain.

Important Thing about Watch Winder That You Need to Know

So, is a watch winder safe? The answer is yes and no. It depends on how the winder operates. When an object constantly moves all the time, it is naturally subject to wear and tear. So, if the winder rotates too often, it will negatively affect the watch’s components.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the winder’s setting. Make sure the TPD (Turns per Day) number you input into the watch winder matches the needs of your watch. The best watch winder safe definitely has this feature. This simple action will mimic people’s natural habit of wearing watches, and give the watch enough rest that will safeguard its component.

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Best 3 Classic Watch Winder Box for Men

ilustrasi watch winder

A watch winder can be the solution for you who collect some numbers of automatic watches. This article mainly discusses about tips to choose the best 3 watch winder box for you as triple watch winder nowadays becomes popular among collectors.

Black classy leather triple watch winder box

The first choice goes to black classy leather 3 watch winder box. This kind of watch winder box gives classic impression, especially for those who are manly. If you are interested on this kind of classic theme, choosing dark color with leather material of your watch winder box is exactly true. 

You can choose the winder box exterior which is made from great quality silky faux leather. You can also choose a classy look with the cover made of tempered glass which lets you to have a glimpse inside the box. 

You can choose the interior which made of smooth faux suede. The combined suede with chrome gilt on the closing hooks and handholds can complete the impression of gentle classic tone.

Wooden case classic watch winder box

Wooden classic watch winder box can be another alternative of choosing great quality of watch winder box for men. Striking appearance of this winder box gives premium impression so that whoever sees it, he/she will get easily amazed. 

When you experience the feel of the grand piano blistering glossed box you won’t stop staring at its beauty. This kind of polish can also be applicable to watch winder box. The extraordinary-gloss varnish finish and carbon-based glass look all combine to create this triple watch winder an artwork. The glass is transparent and anti-scratch; of course, it’s break free as well.

For sure, for the interior it should be in one-toned color as the exterior one. It means that the color of the natural wood applied on the watch winder box is perfectly fit the impression of a gentle man as the owner. 

As an automatic watches collector, you should understand well that if your wrist watches are not being worn for periods ranging between a day and two days, they will stop working. Moreover, on every occasion you have to put on them again, you have to reset the date and time. 

Of course, it can be an annoyance more often than not. That’s why, if your collections are in a huge number, at least you have single, double, 3 watch winder box or even the multiple ones.